Gebroeders Bakker Aannemingsmaatschappij Coevorden B.V.


The reputation of G.B.A.C., part of Bakker Groep Coevorden has been built on extensive experience and the use of high quality fleet equipment. Our main activities include installation, construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure as well as their removal.  We also specialise in the demolition of installations, buildings and underground pipes where special equipment is used enabling us to work according to the strictest of environmental standards. The removal and disposal of waste products is done completely in-house by Bakker Groep Coevorden B.V. 

Road Construction 
  • Preparing development plans for (residential) construction
  • Installing the infrastructure of commercial properties
  • Reconstructing existing roads
  • Installing precast commercial flooring
  • Laying of brick pavement and pavement tiles
  • Demolition of factories and petrochemical installations
  • Demolition of residential and commercial property
  • Reconstruction work and property clean-up
  • Separation and processing of scrap metal and construction waste
  • Environmental remediation
  • Groundwork for residential and commercial construction
  • Installation of sheet pile walls and precast retaining walls
  • Supplying sand, gravel and soil
Sewer works
  • Installation of new sewage
  • Installation of pressure pipes
  • Maintenance on and renovation of existing sewage