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06 June 2018

Trias Westland is the first Dutch initiative to explore geothermal energy at a depth of more that 4000 meters.

Drilling and pumping water from this depth brings a lot of challenges to surface and one of them is the high temperature of the water.

Exploration and research has learned that the expected water temperature will be approximately 140°C.

Producing the water with this temperature to surface brings more than one problem, but one of the biggest problems is that the surface reservoir, or water basin, is not resistant to temperatures above 80°C. So the water must be cooled.

Due to the expected high testflow of approximately 300 m3/hour in combination with the high temperature, there was no turnkey solution in the currently available equipment used during the welltests, to cool the testwater from 140 – 80°C.

Bakker Oilfield Supply, through its division Bakker Geothermal Services started an innovation process in cooperation with SNN, to develop a Steam Separator.

This Steam Separator is especially designed to cool the water from 140 – 100°C.

How does it work?

The pressurised water will be pumped in the two inlets on top of the Steam Separator. With the help of the internal technology the pressurised water will lose its pressure. The energy that is being released during that process will be released in form of steam.

The released steam, or energy, is being transferred to the atmosphere through the the chimneys and causes a temperature drop, in this case from 140 – 100°C. The chimneys also assure a safe release of the steam on a higher level, so it doesn't cause dangerous situations on the well site.

After the steam is separated in our Steam Separator, the water is transferred to a heat exchanger where it will be cooled to 80°C. The water is now brought to the maximum temperature that is allowed for the safe use of the surface reservoir or water basin. 

This project is made possible with a contribution of the 'Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling'.

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