Product overview

SW eventSound Wall

Do you want to protect your visitors ? Is sound nuisance a threat for your event ? Is your event stationed in a populated area or a nature reserve ? Do you want to seperate different area’s and want to avoid sound ‘clash’?

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Geluidswand 3Base Blocks

B.O.S. has got Base Blocks in her rental fleet, these base blocks have a weight of app. 10.000kg. You can use there blocks to protect your visitors

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B.O.S. has special lightening for the Sound Wall.

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Our temporary fences, measuring 200 x 350 cm and supported by plastic feet, form a quick and safe enclosure for your festival site. 

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Road platesRoad plates and cable protectors

In order to permanently fence off a site, G.B.A.C. offers fences in a variety of designs, including sliding gates, swing gates and turnstiles.  We  deliver steel road plates in large, as well as small quantities. Our road plates are 120 cm wide x 500 cm long, suitable for creating a temporary roadway at your festival site.

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energy container1Facility Units and Energy Containers

Do you need energy containers or facility trailers on your festival site? You are at the right address at B.O.S.
In addition to the energy containers, B.O.S. also supplies other electrical equipment. 

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GeneratorPower Supplies

For your event or festival looking for generators or diesel tanks?

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