Geothermal Services

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Delay is never good news for you project, think about the budget. If an unplanned event is about to occur, take quick action; having the right data is the key to an succesful turnaround. B.O.S. is an expert in data collection: our speciality is making the right measurement and offer quick solutions to the problems. 

Geothermal Services
Well service for an optimum result includes:
  • Separation
  • ESP installation and removal
  • Production test
  • Air lift test
  • Injection test to 70 bar and higher
  • Removal of oil from the well
  • Slick line job
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Mechanical cleaning
Services GtS

B.O.S. and Gastreatment Services (GtS) stepped into a partnership, whereas B.O.S. shall act as dealer of GtS. This includes the sale and installation of flares and gas drying installations for the geothermal industry. Besides that also the deliver and installation of specific required piping system on behalf of overhead installations.

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