Maintenance and Inspection

Equipment management

B.O.S. is able to take care of your total equipment management, including maintenance, storage, logistic, certification and administrative processing.
You can simply call off your equipment and we ensure that all items, fully operational and provided with all required certificates are ready for collection, or will be delivered to the location if required.
Do you need our assistance during the rig-up activities or operations ? We can also offer you our support in that area.

On location

B.O.S. has a broad experience and a rich history when it comes to the maintenance of equipment and installations in the oil and gas industry. In the Netherlands and in particular around the oil and gas locations of NAM we are a reputable party and for years a regular supplier in the area of maintenance, inspections and support.   

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Our workshop

Not only in the Netherlands, but also on several locations in Europe we assist our clients with work on site. Besides that a large part of our activities regarding maintenance and inspections take place in our very modern and well equipped workshop in Coevorden.  

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