The workshop is equipped with 3 indoor test bunkers, specially designed for hydrostatic testing of high pressure equipment. On our yard we created a test bunker for hydrostatic testing of bigger equipment as tanks, and separators. The bunkers have a separate control room with an advanced video monitoring system and are equipped with RESATO test units. A special area for electro technical inspections and maintenance, a separate department for metallurgy and a modern spray booth make our facillities complete. Our complete workshop is covered by ABUS overhead cranes with a single capacity of 7,5 to 10T each. Combined use, makes it possible to lift almost every sort of equipment.

The modern workshop is fully equipped according to the most recent guidelines and meets all the legal duties in the area of quality, safety and environment. Besides that twe have really invested in durability and also the wellbeing of our employees. We have really taken into account,  the implementation of environmentally conscious and energy efficient solutions. Our workshop is featured with windows in our roof, for the inlet of natural light, a heated floor (geothermal energy), solar collectors and is fully equipped according to the “Lean” method, which fully suits our efficient working method.


Bakker Certification System

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- Visual inspection
- Ultrasonic thickness measurement (UT)
- Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)
- Hardness testing
- Pressure test

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