Competence management

Bakker Oilfield Supply Coevorden BV (B.O.S.) aims in addition to controlling all work, supplying an excellent service to its customers, with the knowledge and experience of its employees which leads to a safe and high-quality performance of the required activities. The combination of knowledge, experience and attitude of the individual employees are the basis for competence.

To make sure that all of the employees have the right competences, B.O.S. developed a competency management system.

Securing the needed competences of the staff, sees the organisation as necessary for deciding the level (extent) of responsibilities, functions and activities that can be completed by its employees.

That’s why there is chosen for a system whereby competence is secured and made demonstrably. The system helps us to ensure that the required knowledge and experience for all our employees are accurate and up to date, before any jobs or responsibilities are granted. We will make sure you will always get “the right man for the job”! 

The competency management system is developed in order to make a contribution the organization vision:

Bakker Oilfield Supply Coevorden B.V. offers a selection of products and services to clients in the oil, gas and geothermal industries. We know our customers with who we work closely. Clients can count on our years of experience and professionalism. We work according to the highest safety requirements and we have continuous attention for innovation and durability. We guarantee high quality of our products and services     

Resulting from the organizational vision is a vision drawn up for the competency management system:

A reliable, high-quality service, based on competence and experience, is the basis of all our customer support. 

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