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Movable Sound Walls

Sound Wall

Bakker Oilfield Supply ; Movable Sound Wall


The wall is built up out of panels of respectively 2,5 m. wide, mounted on counterweights of10 tons, The height of the wall is 10 m. The building time is very much depending on the weather conditions and the surface to build on, (concrete-, asphalt-carpeting or verge). The sound walls can achieve a noise reduction of approximately 20 Db(a). A recent calculation, made by T.N.O.-Delft is available on request.



  • Width of the panels: 2,5 meters
  • Mounted on ballast blocks of 10.000 k
  • Total height: 10 meters.
  • The roll-up overhead doors are available in manual (5-metre width) and electrically operated (7.5-metre width) versions.
  • The stability of the sound walls is guaranteed by shoring. This allows the sound barriers to withstand force 12 winds
  • Construction time (depending on the weather, the condition of the ground and the flatness of the terrain)


A Sound Wall has a flexible construction:

  • Various configurations
  • Emergency doors at strategic locations
  • The cable/line feed-troughs at right positions to avoid the need of re-routing lines and cables.
  • Possibility of placing directly on concrete foundations for reducing transport costs.
  • Easy placing in densely populated areas due to its compact dimensions.
  • Easy place able Hanging lights

The Sound Walls are used internationally


Below you can find the Sound Wall (video) in action!




Movable sound wall        Movable sound wall       

                                                   hinge door                      




Movable sound wall              Base block
        roll door



Light Unit 




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