3 inch Coriolis Gas Flowmeter


The measuring principle is based on the controlled generation of Coriolis forces. These forces are always present when both translational and rotational movements are superimposed.

FC = 2 · Δm (v · ω)

The amplitude of the Coriolis force depends on the moving mass Δm, its velocity v in the system, and thus on the mass flow. Instead of a constant angular velocity ω, the Promass sensor uses oscillation. In the sensor, two parallel measuring tubes containing flowing fluid oscillate in antiphase, acting like a tuning fork. The Coriolis forces produced at the measuring tubes cause a phase shift in the tube oscillations (see illustration):

•At zero flow, in other words when the fluid is at a standstill, the two tubes oscillate in phase (1).

•Mass flow causes deceleration of the oscillation at the inlet of the tubes (2) and acceleration at the outlet(3).

The flowmeter can be connected to a datalogger for 24/7 datalogging and real time measurement.