Flare Systems

Various range of flare systems available in our rental fleet 

Specifically for the Oil & Gas and Geothermal industries, B.O.S. has a range of flare systems in its rental fleet. The flare systems can be used for flaring gases such as sweet natural gas, sour gas and others.

The systems can also be used as venting systems for gases such as nitrogen. We can also be of assistance if personnel is required.  Our rental department can give you advice or information about our full service program.

We have the following Flare systems

TypeSingle 6''Double 8''
Diameter1 x 6''2 x 8''
Capacity (Nm3/day)150.000600.000
Span14 - 18 m.14 - 18 m.
Inlet - Connection4'' Fig. 10024'' Fig. 1002
Lockbrander1'' Fig. 10021'' Fig.1002

                                                                                                     Flare system