High pressure equipments

High pressure equipmentHigh pressure equipment

We maintain a large fleet of Sales and Rental items in our Warehouse in Coevorden.

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Check ValvesCheck Valves

Weir SPM Check Valves are made of high strength steel and are precision manufactured to exact tolerances for clapper styles in 2" through 4" sizes, dart styles in 1" through 3" sizes, and CO2/nitrogen styles in 2" and 3" styles. 

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Flange x overFlange x-overs 

Bakker Oilfield Supply Coevorden has a wide range of crossovers. Several sizes and pressure ranges are available.

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Weir SPM manufactures a quality line of high-pressure integral union connections in a broad range of confi gurations and sizes from 1” through 4” and in pressure ratings to 20,000 psi NSCWP*.

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Weir SPM’s 3” Fig. 1502 and 4” Fig. 1002 Long Radius Swivel Joints have undergone a design enhancement, creating a superior and longer lasting product. New features have created a swivel with extended life while maintaining uniform flow.

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6'' backpressure valve6'' 600# backpressure valve 

The Control Valve is useable for controlling the flow of gases or liquids. Gases: natural gas and other. Also useable for backpressure valve after a vessel.

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Relief ValvesRelief Valves 

Weir SPM is offering a Status Indicator System as an option to be included in all new 3" and 4" Emergency Back Pressure & Unloading Relief Valves.

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Straight JointsStraight Joints

Weir SPM integral piping is available in lengths to 10 feet to handle fluids at cold working pressures to 15,000 psi.

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