Check Valves

Weir SPM check valves are made of high strength steel and are precision manufactured to exact tolerances for clapper styles in 2" through 4" sizes, dart styles in 1" through 3" sizes, and CO2/nitrogen styles in 2" and 3" sizes. The clapper design features either a standard coating or superior abrasion and acid resistant coating to give longer operating life in corrosive applications.

The rugged valves operate at working pressures from 6,000 to 20,000 psi in well service applications such as acidizing, cementing, fracturing, and energized fluids. Weir SPM's check valves are manufactured from solid forgings to maximize strength and increase abrasion resistance.

Weir SPM carries the most complete line of check valves available to the well service industry. Various configurations are offered, including wing-ahead (standard flow) or thread-ahead (reverse flow) models.

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Bakker Oilfield Supply has the following models:

  • Clapper Style
  • Dart Style
  • CO2/Nitrogen Style