Plug Valves

1", 1" x 2", 1½", and 2" Plug Valves
Weir SPM high pressure plug valves are tough, field proven-units that provide dependable service for applications such as cementing, fracturing and acidizing, coiled tubing, and sand control. Available in 1", 1" x 2", 1½" and 2" sizes and in pressure ratings up to 15,000 psi NSCWP. Weir SPM plug valves feature quality components throughout for greater dependability, minimum weight, and maximum strength. Plug valves are available in standard service and sour gas service models. Special models are available to 20,000 psi.

3" and 4" Plug Valves
Weir SPM three-inch and four-inch plug valves are available in pressure ratings to 20,000 NSCWP. Features include a flanged body for easier maintenance, integral inlets and outlets, hand crank, locked-open and shut gear drive standard, and multiple lubricating inlets. Standard service and sour gas service models are available.

Remote Operation
Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators are available for all sizes of plug valves, which enhances safety in the field.

Repair and Seal Kits
Weir SPM repair kits and seal kits contain all the parts necessary to rebuild valves in the field or in the shop. Weir SPM seal kits contain all items in the standard repair kit, except  the plug. Individual components and elastomer kits are also available.

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