Degasser MPV

The Degasser is a multi-usable type of separator which separates oil and/or gas from high volume water flows. The gas can be retrieved and processed by flaring or re-using in other gas processing systems. Our multi purpose vessel Degasser also has the possibility to separate oil for re-use.

The Degasser type MPV :

  • Separates liquids from gases
  • Separates gases from liquids.
  • Separates oil from liquids
  • Separates liquids from oil
  • Separates solids from oil, gas and water
  • Storage of oil and/or liquids

Types of liquids:

  • Water
  • Glycol

Types of gases:

  • H2S
  • Natural gas
  • and other

Maintenance for the Degasser MPV

Based on our knowledge and experience we composed a module based on all legal requirements as also the preventive maintenance.

Do you have questions about our Maintenance module or other questions related to the Degasser or our activities in the Geothermal Industry, please contact our Sales department for more information.

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