Duplex-Separator 10 bar 8m3

The Duplex-Separator in the rental fleet of B.O.S. is specially designed for the separation of liquids and gas in the oil, gas and geothermal industry. Common liquids like water and glycol and natural gas can be separated.

The Duplex-Separator is also used for protection of downstream equipment like compressors and flow meters. The Separator is capable of separating gas out of liquids

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Technical specifications

Design pressure10 bar
Design temperature-20 / +115°C
Volume8 m3
MediumNatural gas / liquid
InletDN200 PN16 / 6” fig 206
Gas outletDN 100 PN16 / 2” fig 1502
Liquid outletDN50 PN16 =  2” fig 1502
Purge lineDN50 PN16 =  2” fig 1502
Drain2” 150# / 2”fig 1502 
PSV Outlet6”-150# RF 
Frame750 x 250 x 300 cm