Low Pressure Separator -offshore

The LP-Seperator in the rental fleet of B.O.S. is specially designed for the seperation of liquids and gas in the oil, gas and geothermal industry. Common liquids like water and glycol and natural gas can be seperated.

The LP Seperator is also used for protection of downstream equipment like compressors and flow meters. The Seperator is capable of seperating sand an other solid parts. Therefore the unit is also commonly used as a gas wellhead seperator.

Bakker Groep Coevorden B.V. can also be of service when specialised personell is required for any rig up, rig down or operator job. We have a Competence Management System which secures the competence level of our technical employees. We are able to supply you with the right man for the job.

                                                                                                       Low pressure separator offshore